MAJOR FEATURE LAUNCH: The Live Backstage Studio

Hi Eventmix community,

It's been a few big months for us because we've been busy at building one of our biggest features yet: The Live Backstage Studio. In short, this feature offers organizers the option of live streaming and managing the speakers directly from the browser, without requiring an additional software like OBS, Zoom or Teams.

You mean this wasn't possible before? No. 

Up until now you had to connect an external live streaming software in order to stream your speakers on the virtual stage. But now, that becomes one of the two options available: 1. live streaming from the Eventmix Backstage Studio or 2. connecting an external video source (OBS, Zoom, etc.).

The Backstage Studio means less hustle for you and your guest speakers.👌 Everything happens in one platform so it's easier for you as an organizer, but for your speakers as well. 

You can watch a Demo Video, or read on

How can I access the Backstage Studio?

As an Organizer you can access the backstage in two ways:

1. Go to the Organizer event dashboard -> Stages. If you have created multiple stages, then each stage will have its own Backstage (just like real life).

Click on the Stage name and then you will find two tabs: Live Feed and Backstage. 

Under Backstage you will find the external access link for that particular Backstage.

2. Another way to access the Backstage is from the event page itself. Just sign into your live event page and you will find a dropdown on the top right for each of the Backstages.

How can I live stream sessions from the Backstage Studio?

If you want to live stream from the Backstage Studio, you will first need to create a Backstage Session. Go to the event dashboard -> Schedule.

When you add a new session, you will notice that you can now have 3 types of sessions: 1. Live streaming (Backstage) , 2. Live Streaming (RTMPS), 3. Pre-recorded video streaming. 

Select Live streaming (Backstage) when creating a new session.

How can I invite speakers in the Backstage?

In order to invite a speaker in the Backstage go through the following steps:

  • Go to the event dashboard -> Schedule
  • make sure you have created a Backstage Session (see above step)
  • add a speaker to that Session
  • you can set the speaker as Host if you'd like them to have more control over the session (e.g. Start/End the session, approve Requests, mute other Speakers, etc.)

  • then, go to the Speakers section in your event dashboard
  • you will see that each speaker is now assigned the session(s) on the stage(s) you previously assigned them to

  • each speaker will have an Invitation link which you can send to their e-mail address. Just click the invite (arrow) icon. If the invitation is sent, the icon will become faded
  • you can always resend the invitation by clicking the 3 dots at the end and then "Resend invitation".

How does a speaker acess the Backstage?

After you've sent the invitation, each speaker will receive a link by e-mail, like the one below. When they click the link, they will access the Backstage instantly.

How does the Backstage Studio work?

The backstage is structured in 3 main "virtual rooms": the Backstage entrance, the Green Room and the Session Room.

Wether you are an organizer or speaker, you will access the same rooms, in order.

Room 1: The Backstage entrance

When you access the backstage you will be prompted to check your video/audio settings to make sure you are using the right camera and mic.

Click Continue...

Room 2: You will then arrive in the Green Room 

The Green Room is like a welcome area for your speakers. This is where you can have someone on your team talk to the speakers before they join the stage. 

No one in the live event can see the discussions that happen in the backstage. It's an area for making sure your speakers have everything ready and that they join exactly when they're supposed to.

When the speakers are ready to join the Session, they should click the "I'm ready" button on the top right

Room 3: The Session Room

The session room is where everyone gathers in order to start the session. There are 3 roles that a speaker can have in the session: Host, Organizer or Speaker. 

Live streaming

The live streaming from the backstage is almost real time. There is only a 1-2 seconds delay from what the speakers are seeing to what the attendees of the event are experiencing. 

Speakers have a multitude of options like any regular communication software, like share screen, mute, etc.

Roles & permissions

The Host and Organizer roles have admin rights: they can Start/End the session, Accept join requests from other speakers, Remove speakers from the session or Mute them during the session. 

Starting/Ending the session

When the Host of the session is ready, they will Start/End the session. In that moment, a 10 seconds countdown will appear before the session goes live on the event page.

Join Requests

Whenever a speaker wants to join from the Green Room, they will click the "I'm ready" button. In that moment, a join request will appear for the Host and they will decide if they approve the speaker on stage or not.

The Hosts and Organizers will always join the stage instantly.

Backstage Chat

The backstage has its own chat where only the people present in any of the backstage rooms can chat privately. This chat is not visible to event attendees.

Interaction with attendees

Speakers can interact with attendees directly from the Backstage by using the chat feature on the right.

What are some of the advantages of using the Backstage?

There are quite a few advantages for using the backstage like:

  • Low latency streaming. When you stream from the backstage, the latency is almost none: only about 1-2 seconds as compared to external sources which can have over 7-20 seconds delay.
  • Speakers have a feel of the event and interact with the audience, which does not happen when you use an external software
  • Speakers management is easier as compared to the alternatives

The Backstage is so cool! Has anyone used it for their events?

Yup! Although we're just announcing it, this feature has been in "silent" testing for the past two months. We've even had an event with 6 stages, 49 speakers from different continents and timezones that all joined via the Backstage. And it worked great!

That's a wrap!

We hope you love this update as much as we do. Looking forward to your feedback and don't hesitate to book a demo if you'd like someone on our team to show you more about the Backstage and other features of the product.

Have amazing events!
The Eventmix Team