Improvements to Organizer Experience

Hi Eventmix community,

We have a few improvements that we'd like to share with you. We hope they will make your experience of using Eventmix a lot easier. Read on...

Display the exact time for when the event starts and ends

Now you are able to select exactly the hour of the day for when your event will start and end. To make these changes, go to your event -> Key Details.

Full details of when the event starts and ends will be displayed on the event landing page as well:

Networking sessions and Breaks can now be added to the main schedule

Now you can add networking sessions and breaks to the main schedule. The sessions that you add to the schedule can be of 3 types: Lectures, Networking sessions, or Breaks. 

This feature allows you to send your participants to networking sessions after a lecture. Also, you can have a video playing during a break between sessions.

Add a presentation video on the event Lobby

You can now greet your event attendees with a video on the Lobby page of you event. To add a video, go to Videos -> Presentation videos and upload your video. Then, select "Display presentation video on lobby". You can even Loop the video if you like.

This is how your video will be displayed on the Lobby page:

For more information about how to use Eventmix features, go to

That's it! We'll be back with another important update, soon!

The Eventmix Team