Major Update To Stages & Tickets

Hey Eventmix community,

We've been busy, busy, busy, working on a few important changes that will improve the overall experience of your events. 

Major update to Stages

We've made an important change to creating stages. Before this update you had to pick between creating a live streaming stage or a pre-recorded video stage. This meant that you couldn't combine live and pre-recorded on the same stage. For example, you couldn't have a break pre-recorded video between live sessions. 

Not anymore. 

Now when you create a Stage there will be only one type which allows you to add live or pre-recorded. 

After you create a Stage, in the Schedule area you will be able to add live and pre-recorded sessions to the same stage. Pretty cool, right?

Tickets Add-ons Feature

We added a pretty cool feature for tickets, called Add-ons. You can find it under Tickets -> Add-ons.

Let's say you have an event with Free access, but you want to let your guests upgrade their tickets with added value optionals, like a paid session with a Speaker or Dinner with all the speakers or even some cool Merch. Or parking. Or accomodation. You get the idea. Now you can create add-ons which allow you to do just that.

More registration forms for the same event

This is yet another very important feature that we introduced under Tickets -> Registration Forms

You can now have different registration forms for different tickets. For example, maybe you'd like to have a general registration form for your Free attendees, but you want to get more details from your VIP ticket buyers. Now you can do that. 

All you have to do is create more registration forms, with all the details you'd like your attendees to fill and then assign the newly created forms to your tickets. It's that easy!

That's all folks! We hope you enjoy these new features and updates. May you have amazing events!

The Eventmix Team

Zapier Integration & Usability Improvements

Hey Eventmix community,

We've been working hard on bringing new features that you requested. We're excited to launch some updates to the Organizer administration area:

Zapier In The App Store

We launched the App Store! It will bring you a variety of integrations and features to help you with a more modular experience for your eents.  

It's true, for the moment we only have one app published ... but we're talking about Zapier, a very important app , which many of you have requested. It allows you to integrate with more than 2000+ third party apps. 

We're calling this section the App Store, because in the future we will be adding more and more apps which will help you create unique events. Stay tunned for more apps coming in fast!

Usability improvements

We wanted to clean the main menu by removing less frequently used sections. So, we moved a few things around:

  • The Translations section has moved under Theme -> Event Interface Language. As a reminder, this feature helps you change the event UI language from Romanian to English (more languages coming!);
  • The Integrations section, which was actually a way to insert codes in the header, body and footer of the landing page, has moved under Theme -> Header, Body & Footer Codes

Notification badge regarding missing legal information for your event

We noticed that many organizers miss the fact that they need to add terms and conditions and privacy policies to their events. 

Why do you need to do that? Because the event is hosted on your own domain, the data is yours and so are your attendees. And because the attendees are required to accept your terms and conditions and priacy policy, you need to add that information yourself.

Now it's easy to remember to do that. You'll see a badge on the Theme section which won't dissapear until you add your information.

That's it for this release! Stay tunned for more and more updates because we're working hard on bringing you the best tools in order for you to launch the most successful virtual & hybrid events!

The Eventmix Team