Tickets with QR code check-in & print badges

Hello Eventmix community,

The Hybrid Events era is here to stay and we're excited to announce that Eventmix now makes it easy for anyone to launch a hybrid event, by introducing our newest feature: Tickets with QR code check-in and badges for printing. All in one. 

How does it work?

1. Go to your Organizer Dashboard -> Any Event -> Tickets and create a New Ticket.

2 In the Ticket Availability section make sure you select Hybrid or In Person Access

3. After you've made the selection you will see the In Person Check-in section below. 

Select the two checkboxes:

4. That's it! Publish the ticket.

Whenever someone registers with that ticket, they will receive an e-mail with the check-in QR code and badge for printing. 

The ticket+badge will look like this:

💡 Tip: The PDF ticket/badge can be printed on an A4 sheet of paper and folded 3 times as described on the paper in order to fit in a 10cm x 8cm badge holder. Like this one:

The check-in scanning process

1. As an organizer, you will need to sign into the Organizer Dashboard -> Scan QR from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

2. Click Open camera and scan the ticket for the attendee you'd like to check-in.

3. If you find everything to be ok, just click "Check In" and your attendee is ready to join your in-person event.

💡 Tip: You can always set up a device (tablet/mobile phone) at the check-in counter of your event where the participants can check themselves in.

Is this feature available to all customers?

The QR code tickets and badges features are available to all paid subscription plans

We hope you enjoy this new feature, as it gives you the freedom to run hybrid events with ease, all from one single place without the need of integration with multiple platforms.

Have amazing events!

The Eventmix Team

New Translations & E-mail Notifications Improvements

Hey Eventmix community,

Your events can now be launched in 6 different languages! 

We just added translations for 🇬🇷 Greek, 🇵🇱 Polish and 🇪🇪 Estonian along with already existing translations for 🇺🇸 English, 🇩🇪 German and 🇷🇴 Romanian. 

This means that you can display the event website and experience for your participants in one of these six languages.

To activate one of the translations, go to your Event dashboard -> Theme -> Event Language Interface. Select your desired language and click Update.

After this, your event website, e-mails, messages and notifications that participants receive will be displayed in the selected language.

More translations are on the way! If you need a certain translation, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll make sure to prioritize it!

E-mail notifications improvements

We made another useful update in this release, with some improvements to E-mail notifications.

You can find these settings in Theme -> E-mail Templates

On/Off Toggle

As you know, we automatically send a reminder e-mail 24 hours and 1 hour respectivelly, before the event starts. You can now turn on/off this option.

E-mail Preview

When you customize one of the notifications, you now have a real-time preview pane on the right side which helps you get the e-mail just right.

We also fixed some minor bugs, which is something we're doing all the time.

We hope you appreciate these improvements. As always, feedback is more than welcome!

Have great events,

The Eventmix Team

MAJOR LAUNCH: Subscription Plans

Hi Eventmix community,

Today is another big day for us as we are launching our brand new Subscription Plans! Since our launch in BETA, some months ago, we only offered a "pay as you go" option to organizers, but we are now finally launching subscriptions.

Not only we still have a free plan available for those of you that don't need many advanced features and only run small events, but now the FREE plan offers you up to 100 free registrations per event! Yes, you can have free events for up to 100 registrations without any credit card needed!

And if you need more, now you have the possibility of subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan. This means that you can create more complex events and offer your attendees a more complete experience.

You can access the new subscription plans under your organizer account -> Billing -> Billing Plans .

Eventmix is officially out of BETA

It's been a long way, but today also marks the day when we are officially out of BETA. This means that the product is more stable than ever and we are very excited for the next period as we have a ton of new features coming up to spice up your hybrid or virtual events.

We hope you enjoy everything that we have prepared for you. As always, we'd be happy to get your feedback and hear from you soon.

Have amazing events!
The Eventmix Team

MAJOR FEATURE LAUNCH: The Live Backstage Studio

Hi Eventmix community,

It's been a few big months for us because we've been busy at building one of our biggest features yet: The Live Backstage Studio. In short, this feature offers organizers the option of live streaming and managing the speakers directly from the browser, without requiring an additional software like OBS, Zoom or Teams.

You mean this wasn't possible before? No. 

Up until now you had to connect an external live streaming software in order to stream your speakers on the virtual stage. But now, that becomes one of the two options available: 1. live streaming from the Eventmix Backstage Studio or 2. connecting an external video source (OBS, Zoom, etc.).

The Backstage Studio means less hustle for you and your guest speakers.👌 Everything happens in one platform so it's easier for you as an organizer, but for your speakers as well. 

You can watch a Demo Video, or read on

How can I access the Backstage Studio?

As an Organizer you can access the backstage in two ways:

1. Go to the Organizer event dashboard -> Stages. If you have created multiple stages, then each stage will have its own Backstage (just like real life).

Click on the Stage name and then you will find two tabs: Live Feed and Backstage. 

Under Backstage you will find the external access link for that particular Backstage.

2. Another way to access the Backstage is from the event page itself. Just sign into your live event page and you will find a dropdown on the top right for each of the Backstages.

How can I live stream sessions from the Backstage Studio?

If you want to live stream from the Backstage Studio, you will first need to create a Backstage Session. Go to the event dashboard -> Schedule.

When you add a new session, you will notice that you can now have 3 types of sessions: 1. Live streaming (Backstage) , 2. Live Streaming (RTMPS), 3. Pre-recorded video streaming. 

Select Live streaming (Backstage) when creating a new session.

How can I invite speakers in the Backstage?

In order to invite a speaker in the Backstage go through the following steps:

  • Go to the event dashboard -> Schedule
  • make sure you have created a Backstage Session (see above step)
  • add a speaker to that Session
  • you can set the speaker as Host if you'd like them to have more control over the session (e.g. Start/End the session, approve Requests, mute other Speakers, etc.)

  • then, go to the Speakers section in your event dashboard
  • you will see that each speaker is now assigned the session(s) on the stage(s) you previously assigned them to

  • each speaker will have an Invitation link which you can send to their e-mail address. Just click the invite (arrow) icon. If the invitation is sent, the icon will become faded
  • you can always resend the invitation by clicking the 3 dots at the end and then "Resend invitation".

How does a speaker acess the Backstage?

After you've sent the invitation, each speaker will receive a link by e-mail, like the one below. When they click the link, they will access the Backstage instantly.

How does the Backstage Studio work?

The backstage is structured in 3 main "virtual rooms": the Backstage entrance, the Green Room and the Session Room.

Wether you are an organizer or speaker, you will access the same rooms, in order.

Room 1: The Backstage entrance

When you access the backstage you will be prompted to check your video/audio settings to make sure you are using the right camera and mic.

Click Continue...

Room 2: You will then arrive in the Green Room 

The Green Room is like a welcome area for your speakers. This is where you can have someone on your team talk to the speakers before they join the stage. 

No one in the live event can see the discussions that happen in the backstage. It's an area for making sure your speakers have everything ready and that they join exactly when they're supposed to.

When the speakers are ready to join the Session, they should click the "I'm ready" button on the top right

Room 3: The Session Room

The session room is where everyone gathers in order to start the session. There are 3 roles that a speaker can have in the session: Host, Organizer or Speaker. 

Live streaming

The live streaming from the backstage is almost real time. There is only a 1-2 seconds delay from what the speakers are seeing to what the attendees of the event are experiencing. 

Speakers have a multitude of options like any regular communication software, like share screen, mute, etc.

Roles & permissions

The Host and Organizer roles have admin rights: they can Start/End the session, Accept join requests from other speakers, Remove speakers from the session or Mute them during the session. 

Starting/Ending the session

When the Host of the session is ready, they will Start/End the session. In that moment, a 10 seconds countdown will appear before the session goes live on the event page.

Join Requests

Whenever a speaker wants to join from the Green Room, they will click the "I'm ready" button. In that moment, a join request will appear for the Host and they will decide if they approve the speaker on stage or not.

The Hosts and Organizers will always join the stage instantly.

Backstage Chat

The backstage has its own chat where only the people present in any of the backstage rooms can chat privately. This chat is not visible to event attendees.

Interaction with attendees

Speakers can interact with attendees directly from the Backstage by using the chat feature on the right.

What are some of the advantages of using the Backstage?

There are quite a few advantages for using the backstage like:

  • Low latency streaming. When you stream from the backstage, the latency is almost none: only about 1-2 seconds as compared to external sources which can have over 7-20 seconds delay.
  • Speakers have a feel of the event and interact with the audience, which does not happen when you use an external software
  • Speakers management is easier as compared to the alternatives

The Backstage is so cool! Has anyone used it for their events?

Yup! Although we're just announcing it, this feature has been in "silent" testing for the past two months. We've even had an event with 6 stages, 49 speakers from different continents and timezones that all joined via the Backstage. And it worked great!

That's a wrap!

We hope you love this update as much as we do. Looking forward to your feedback and don't hesitate to book a demo if you'd like someone on our team to show you more about the Backstage and other features of the product.

Have amazing events!
The Eventmix Team

Improvements to Organizer Experience

Hi Eventmix community,

We have a few improvements that we'd like to share with you. We hope they will make your experience of using Eventmix a lot easier. Read on...

Display the exact time for when the event starts and ends

Now you are able to select exactly the hour of the day for when your event will start and end. To make these changes, go to your event -> Key Details.

Full details of when the event starts and ends will be displayed on the event landing page as well:

Networking sessions and Breaks can now be added to the main schedule

Now you can add networking sessions and breaks to the main schedule. The sessions that you add to the schedule can be of 3 types: Lectures, Networking sessions, or Breaks. 

This feature allows you to send your participants to networking sessions after a lecture. Also, you can have a video playing during a break between sessions.

Add a presentation video on the event Lobby

You can now greet your event attendees with a video on the Lobby page of you event. To add a video, go to Videos -> Presentation videos and upload your video. Then, select "Display presentation video on lobby". You can even Loop the video if you like.

This is how your video will be displayed on the Lobby page:

For more information about how to use Eventmix features, go to

That's it! We'll be back with another important update, soon!

The Eventmix Team

Networking Improvements & German Language

Hey Eventmix community,

We're back with an update because we've made some major improvements to the networking experience!

What's new, you ask? Well, a lot. 

Low latency streaming. We changed the streaming infrastructure, which will make the networking sessions run much faster. 

15 simultaneous video streams. Up until now, only 9 people could be on stage at the same time. Now there can be up to 15 people with videos active. 

Screen sharing. Yes, now you can screen share during a networking session.

Anyone can watch. So maybe you have 15 people at the table, but you'd like others to watch the conversation. Now they can. Whatever the people on screen are talking about, there can be an unlimited number of people watching the discussion and chatting. Cool, right?

The German language is available for your event user interface

Yup, now your event experience can be in German. Just go to Theme -> Event language interface -> Deutsch. Everything from the event interface to the e-mails will now be in German. Cheers!

We hope you enjoy these updates! As always, your feedback is very valuable to us!

The Eventmix Team

Major Update To Stages & Tickets

Hey Eventmix community,

We've been busy, busy, busy, working on a few important changes that will improve the overall experience of your events. 

Major update to Stages

We've made an important change to creating stages. Before this update you had to pick between creating a live streaming stage or a pre-recorded video stage. This meant that you couldn't combine live and pre-recorded on the same stage. For example, you couldn't have a break pre-recorded video between live sessions. 

Not anymore. 

Now when you create a Stage there will be only one type which allows you to add live or pre-recorded. 

After you create a Stage, in the Schedule area you will be able to add live and pre-recorded sessions to the same stage. Pretty cool, right?

Tickets Add-ons Feature

We added a pretty cool feature for tickets, called Add-ons. You can find it under Tickets -> Add-ons.

Let's say you have an event with Free access, but you want to let your guests upgrade their tickets with added value optionals, like a paid session with a Speaker or Dinner with all the speakers or even some cool Merch. Or parking. Or accomodation. You get the idea. Now you can create add-ons which allow you to do just that.

More registration forms for the same event

This is yet another very important feature that we introduced under Tickets -> Registration Forms

You can now have different registration forms for different tickets. For example, maybe you'd like to have a general registration form for your Free attendees, but you want to get more details from your VIP ticket buyers. Now you can do that. 

All you have to do is create more registration forms, with all the details you'd like your attendees to fill and then assign the newly created forms to your tickets. It's that easy!

That's all folks! We hope you enjoy these new features and updates. May you have amazing events!

The Eventmix Team

Zapier Integration & Usability Improvements

Hey Eventmix community,

We've been working hard on bringing new features that you requested. We're excited to launch some updates to the Organizer administration area:

Zapier In The App Store

We launched the App Store! It will bring you a variety of integrations and features to help you with a more modular experience for your eents.  

It's true, for the moment we only have one app published ... but we're talking about Zapier, a very important app , which many of you have requested. It allows you to integrate with more than 2000+ third party apps. 

We're calling this section the App Store, because in the future we will be adding more and more apps which will help you create unique events. Stay tunned for more apps coming in fast!

Usability improvements

We wanted to clean the main menu by removing less frequently used sections. So, we moved a few things around:

  • The Translations section has moved under Theme -> Event Interface Language. As a reminder, this feature helps you change the event UI language from Romanian to English (more languages coming!);
  • The Integrations section, which was actually a way to insert codes in the header, body and footer of the landing page, has moved under Theme -> Header, Body & Footer Codes

Notification badge regarding missing legal information for your event

We noticed that many organizers miss the fact that they need to add terms and conditions and privacy policies to their events. 

Why do you need to do that? Because the event is hosted on your own domain, the data is yours and so are your attendees. And because the attendees are required to accept your terms and conditions and priacy policy, you need to add that information yourself.

Now it's easy to remember to do that. You'll see a badge on the Theme section which won't dissapear until you add your information.

That's it for this release! Stay tunned for more and more updates because we're working hard on bringing you the best tools in order for you to launch the most successful virtual & hybrid events!

The Eventmix Team